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Hey you, welcome 👋

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the founders?
  • The founding team comes from an engineering background (French) with a strong focus in product development
  • We like difficult challenges and we believe there’s no technical problem we can’t solve
  • You’ll be joining a very fast paced company with a strong growth
  • We’re fast learners and doers, everything we do is to get better at what we love
Do you offer BSPCE (free stock options)?

We do for everyone - except for internships & apprenticeships (alternance in French).

Where are you based?

Our main office is in Paris, le Marais - 55 rue des Francs-Bourgeois 75004.

Our team is based all around France 🙂

What about remote?

Captain Data has no boundaries, we're recruiting anywhere in France at the moment.

Some employees are fully remote, some like to come once a month, some more often, some are based in Paris.

Everything is up to you when it comes to remote working.

The only thing we ask is for you to come 3 days each month in our offices in Paris.

I'm native english and I don't speak French, is that ok?

We do speak English - with our french accent, ofc 😅

We'd love having you on board, we're looking for native speakers especially for Sales & Marketing roles.

What's your work culture?
  • We don't like meetings - the only required meet is a 30min meet on Monday morning with the whole team
  • We have a strong knowledge-sharing culture, meaning that everything we do has to be written down because it conveys so much more than notes here and there
  • We highly value transparency and feedback, as we like to “do better” and work in a sane environment
What do you check in a resume?

Mainly your experience related to the job you're applying for.


Motivation & fit with the position.

I don't have any diploma 🥲

We don't care at all: we value your experience and attitude so much more than the school you've gratuaded.

Actually, we might not even notice which school you attended.

What's the best way to prep interviews?
All 4 interviews have to be prepped 🙂
  1. The first phone call will tell us if you're a good fit and motivated enough - don't lay out all your cards right away, but you should get us excited about working with you.
  2. The "technical" interview, i.e. related to the specifics of each position will mainly be a conversation (yes, even for developers)
  3. For the product demo, you'll often think you don't have to do anything before-hand. Wrong. You have to dig the product. Like, really dig. If you don't do it now, we'll think you're not interested.
  4. The final interview is somewhat more "relaxed": we'll talk about management, your hobbies, what you like/dislike about other companies, we'll talk about $$ and validate the proposition we'll send you.
If you're joining us: 🎉 and we'll have a fine-tuned onboarding ready for you.


The entire process takes about 2 weeks - we like to be efficient.
  1. Apply directly on Welcome To the Jungle
  2. Screen: quick “does it match” interview 30min
  3. Job fit: the “technical” interview 1h30 max
  4. Product: you prepare a demo of the platform 1h30 max
  5. Final meeting with team / founders 45min
  6. References check
  7. Proposition & validation call 2 to 3 days after the final meet 🎉

Opened Positions

Without further ado, let's jump into the opened job positions. Note that we do like cold outreach, even if a position is not opened - it just has to be personalized 🙂 All our job positions are available in Welcome to the Jungle are regularly updated 👇