Operations Manager

Supporting our CEO with operations: recruitment, finance, support, sales & co.


This is a full-time position, based in Paris, France or remote.

This job has been tailored for you if… 🦄

  • you are native/bi-lingual in written & oral english (or completey proficient)
  • you are very organized, rigorous and you now how to prioritize
  • you want to learn more about entrepreneurship and how to run a business
  • you are analytical and able to create reporting to make data-driven decisions

We are meant to work together if… 👪

  • you're very curious about early stage startups (& automation!)
  • you're digitally savvy: you know what's a SaaS and you use a lot of them
  • you’re very flexible, switching from a subject to another while keeping track of everything

Note: if we generally do not look at schools, “higher-education” like business schools will help you get a better understanding on how to navigate in this job

🔥 What you'll be working on...

..assisting our CEO, G. with literally everything from recruitment to marketing/sales ops & strategy 🙂

  • follow-ups with the whole team
  • follow-ups with candidates
  • follow-ups with partners, customers
  • etc.


  • Apply here
  • 15/30min call with our CEO, Guillaume
  • 1h discussion w/ our CEO, G.
  • 1h live product demo with our COO, Marc
  • Final catch-up with the team 🍻