Marketing Manager

Mainly working on content, distribution & partnerships.


Your main mission is to work on overall content: articles, videos, customer stories etc. - yourself as well as with freelance partners - but also on the overall marketing strategy: choosing levers etc.

This is a full-time position, based in Paris, France. Could be remote if you're amazing 🙂

This job opens the door to becoming our CMO.

This job has been tailored for you if… 🦄

  • you know you're way with words and you're a solid copywriter
  • you are native/bi-lingual in written & oral english (strong + if it's your mother language)
  • you are organized, rigorous and you now how to priorize
  • you know how to craft perfectly targeted messages according to your audiences
  • have knowledge of the SaaS market (previous XP in SaaS is a strong +)

We are meant to work together if… 👪

  • you're curious: data automation is very large and there's a wide variety of different use cases
  • you know your way around building partnerships with 3rd party providers, market leaders etc.
  • you're digitally savvy: you know what's a SaaS use a lot of them
  • you're a challenge lover: quick iterations is the way to hyper-growth
  • you know basic psychological (marketing) triggers

What you'll be working on... 🔥

  • copy-writing: articles, customer stories, guides...
  • videos: onboarding, how-tos, customer interviews...
  • partnerships & projects management with freelancers
  • newsletters
  • sequences for acquisition or activation purposes
  • our platform, obviously :)

If you want to learn and progress quickly, we already love you ❤